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Gutter Cleaning Services

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out gutters can be a risky business when using a ladder. At Gleams Window Cleaning Ltd we use a high reach Gutter Vac system that allows us to clear out gutters safely from ground level and effectively using the high power vacuum that the Gutter Vac system provides.

Serious problems can arise from having blocked gutters and downpipes which can affect and damage your property, which in turn can affect itís value.

When dirt and debris such as leaves, twigs, moss, grass and weeds begin to cause blockages it will slow the flow of rainwater and eventually the water will overflow the guttering and lead to water ingress and internal dampness. In some case the guttering may become damaged due to the weight of the material building up inside the channel.   

Insurance companies can sometimes refuse to pay out on this type of problem, which occurs simply through a lack of simple maintenance. Having your gutters cleaned out once every year or so can prevent these problems occuring and save you from expensive repairs.

To see an example of how effective our gutter cleaning system is, take a look at the before and after pictures below.

Gutter cleaning service -

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Areas we cover include Rainham, Hempstead, Wigmore, Bredhurst, Lords Wood, Waldersdale, Upchurch and surrounding areas.

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